Thursday, July 2, 2015

Free LET Professional Reviewer w/ Answer Keys + Compiled Questions

Want to get a review  for  LET or Licensure Exam for Teachers but you're in tight budget or no time for  review class? No worries, your best option is to have a self review from resources online.

By the help of our friends, we're able to compiled a handy review materials for LET that you can easily download using your computer and start your review plan. These files can be uploaded as well in your mobile devices that supports pdf format so you'll have a portable reviewer, acessible anytime you want.

Note, that some of these materials are already oldie but still very useful to help you get prepared in your exam. Download now and have fun!

Files included:

  • LET Set 1 - PART 1 to 4  with Answer  Keys
  • LET Set 2 - PART 1 to 4  with Answer  Keys
  • LET Sociology Reviewer
  • LET Math Reviewer
  • LET Professional Review Education

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[Important!] LET comprehensive guidelines