Thursday, July 16, 2015

PDEA Recruitment Qualifications & Requirements

Do you think you got what it takes to be the next elite drug enforcement officer of the PDEA? Join the challenge! Read our guidelines below.

Recruitment Qualifications
1. Must be a college graduate
2. Must be 21 to 35 years old
3. Must be at least 5'4" for men and 5'2" for women
4. Must have passed any of the following:
      a. Bar Exam
      b. Board Exam
      c. Civil Service Professional Exam
5. Must be physically fit
6. Must be of good moral character
7. Must be computer literate

Qualified applicants are required to submit an application letter addressed to the PDEA Chief.

Application must be accompanied by the ff: documents
1. Two Sets of Personal Data Sheet, completely filled up
2. Transcript of Records (Original/ Authenticated)
3. Diploma (Original/ Authenticated)
4. CSC Eligibility/ PRC Board Rating
5. NSO Birth Certificate
6. Barangay Clearance
7. Police Clearance
8. NBI Clearance
9. Metropolitan Trial Court Clearance
10.Prosecutor’s Clearance
11.Regional Trial Court Clearance
12.Affidavit of Undertaking of Non-Pending Case
13.Drug Test Result (One-month prior to application)

Qualified applicants are eligible to take the Qualifying
Examination (QE)

PDEA Agent Application Form is available at all PDEA national and
regional offices.

PDEA Online Application
Email your application at
Note: Source of this info. is the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency
website at this link.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency applicants are also required to undergo the following process
   1. Neuro Psychological Test
   2. Medical Examination
   3. Agility Test
   4. Background Investigation
   5. Panel Interview

Some Facts about PDEA
1. That recruits are required to complete 6 months of training.
2. That the lowest ranking PDEA agent or the entry level position is
   called Intelligence Officer 1.
3. That the PDEA Academy is located in Silang, Cavite.
4. That Intelligence Officer 1 has a salary grade 11. Salary Grade 11
   at present is more or less P14,000
5. That the present Director General of PDEA is Arturo Cacdac Jr.