Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Daniel Cabrera Gets Full Scholarship from Mcdonald's 'Till 12th Grade

The Social media have played an important role for many to be able to reach out to those who are in need. One example was when Joyce Torre Franca, a medical technology student posted a photo of a young boy who was studying and doing his homework outside McDonald's to catch the light from the said food chain. After it was uploaded, it caught the attention of the netizens and became viral in the social media network.

The young boy was identified as Daniel Cabrera, nine-year old and a grade three pupil from Mandaue City Philippines. He has two siblings. After his father died from severe diarrhea last 2013 his mother, Cristina Cabrera, who is now a widow started to work in a grocery to support her family. She is earning 80 PHP per day. Their family lives in the grocery store where Ms Cabrera is working since they were displaced when their house was burnt in fire.

Many concerned citizens reached out and helped Daniel and his family, including McDonald’s Philippines. The said food chain awarded Daniel a basic education scholarship. The scholarship covers his school expenses which include school supplies and his uniform until he reached 12th grade. He will also be given a monthly allowance for the duration of the scholarship. In return, Daniel promised to study even harder.

Photo credit : Joyce Torre Franca / NYTimes