Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How long does it take to get a masters degree?

There are a number of reasons why an individual would pursue with a masters degree. It could be for personal improvement or professional advancement. One of the many considerations in obtaining a masters degree is the length of time an individual can finish a degree. This usually depends on several factors.[Read : How to get Master's Degree ]

The type of Masters Degree you are enrolled in.

There are two types of a masters degree, one is research base and the none research base. Usually a non-thesis base masters degree can be obtained in 2 years time. And a thesis base masters degree is usually obtained in 3 years time. Two years for foundation subjects and a year is alloted for the research work.

The type of job you have

When you are a full time student, you would probably be able to finish your masters degree in a matter of 2 to 3 years, depending on the type of masters degree you are enrolled in. But when you are working while studying, you would probably spend extra years in completing your degree. Since a masters degree is more tedious compared to a bachelors degree, you would need focus and time in order for you to finish your degree. This is because you will be treated as professionals and not just undergraduate students.

The school you chose

While some schools offer a  lighter course, subjects and approach in their offered masters degree. Commonly, students are able to obtain their masters degree for as short as two years. Because courses and subjects are not that demanding. But some schools are very opposite of the first one. Their courses and subjects are designed in a more tedious manner. They are more demanding regarding the ability of their students to learn and to cope up with their course. They set a higher expectations for their students whom they treat as professionals.

Distance learning

Some schools provide an opportunity for those individuals who live in far areas. They offer distance learning to those who are interested individuals, but cannot religiously go to their campuses. This type of learning uses the internet technology. They use email or chat for communication and other schools use virtual learning environment where its students communicate and submits their requirements. In this type of learning students commonly are able to finish their degree in a matter of 2 years time because it is somehow lighter and more comfortable for them.
Most commonly a masters degree can be obtained in as short as two years. Some universities give students as much as 6 years in consideration to those who have very demanding jobs, or those who cannot finish the degree in their minimum period offered.

Written by : Raine Corpuz
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