Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to Get Master’s Degree in the Philippines

In the Philippines education had become not just a necessity but a privilege as well. Not everyone is given a chance to finish a bachelor’s degree. Nowadays, in the world of professionals, it is essential that a person has a master’s degree in order to land on a better paying job or for promotional purposes.

There are many factors in deciding what a master’s degree a person should enroll in.

Availability of financial resources

 It is one of the main concerns of individuals who would want to pursue a master’s degree. We are all aware how expensive education is. It is relevant to check the cost of the graduate program you plan to enroll in. With this consideration.There are agencies, government and private agencies who offer scholarships to those deserving individuals. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) offers a number of scholarships for individuals working in the academe. This scholarship covers almost everything, from School fees, tuition fees, book allowances and even transportation allowances.The only drawback of the CHED scholarship is that courses are only available in selected schools. The initial school payment must be paid by the student, and will be refunded afterwards, which means that if you are a CHED scholar, you still need to prepare money in order to enroll.

There are also scholarships which are offered by Universities from other countries. And scholarships that are in collaboration with different schools from all over the world.

Availability of Chosen Degree

Choosing a degree you would want to enroll is a very challenging move.There are certainly considering that needed to be looked upon. First, your chosen master’s degree is in line with your bachelor’s degree. Second, your chosen degree is available in the universities near your area.
The farther the schools are, the more expenses to consider, including transportation, food and lodging.

Reasons for pursuing a Master’s Degree

When planning to pursue a degree, you should have a clear perspective why you wanted to finish a master’s degree. There are a number of reasons cited by different individuals, and the most common are for career improvement, acquiring a more stable job, permanency and salary or compensation increase.

Unless you have a clear goal in pursuing your master’s degree, do not think of enrolling, or you will just be wasting your time, effort and of course your money. 

Written by : Raine  Corpuz

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