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Latest Criminologists Board Exam Requirements and Passing Tips

Criminology is an intriguing course. Every student should learn various theories, policies, practices and laws related to forensic, criminal psychology, human behavior and crisis management, criminal investigation and other related fields. Also, the journey of a student taking up this course does not end in his graduation. He still needs to pass theCriminologists Licensure Examination before he or she can be considered as a certified Criminologist.

The Criminologists Board Exam

The Board Examination is administered twice a year in April and October, facilitated by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and conducted by the Board of Criminology. Five to six months is given to the graduates to prepare for the October examination. On the other hand, April examination is made available for the convenience of those who can’t be able to take the exam on October. Moreover, reviews are being given by the applicants respective universities or any review centers of their choice. Below is a list of requirements for Criminology Licensure Examination as posted in

Requirements for Criminology Board Exam

Specific Requirements:

~ BS in Criminology
~ NBI or Police Clearance and Court Clearance
~ Certificate of Good Moral Character from:
    - Parish Priest               
    - Barangay Captain
    - School

Basic Requirements:

~ Original and Photocopies of Transcript of Records w/ CHED Special Order (SO) and date of graduation
~ Birth Certificate (Original and Photocopy)/ NSO authenticated.
~ Four (4) pieces 1.77” x 1.37” (passport size) pictures (attire w/ collar and sleeves) Front view/plain background w/ complete nametag
~ CY Community Tax certificate w/ photocopy.
~ PRC Documentary Stamp (P20.00)
~ Window Envelope w/ PRC letterhead
~ Examination Fee – P900.00


~ TOR w/ date of graduation (original and Photocopy)
~ Birth Certificate from NSO (original and photocopy)

Job Opportunities

Passers of the Criminologist Licensure Examination have a promising future. Their job opportunities are divided in three major categories; Entry Level Jobs, Mid-Level Positions and Advanced Positions.

Entry Level Jobs refer to those occupations that do not require more than the minimum level of experience. Police Patrol Officers, Forensic Photographers, Court Peace Officers, and Discipline Officer are examples of jobs that fall under this category.

The second category, Mid-Level Positions refers to those jobs that require years of job exposure and trainings such as Investigator / Paralegal Officer,Dactylographer or Dactyloscopy Technician, Polygraph Examiners (Lie Detector Operators), Forensic Science Technicians, Forensic Document Examiners (FDEs) , Fraud Investigator , Court Deputy, Security Guard Dispatcher and Academician.

The last category of jobs require years of extensive trainings and work exposures. Like being a Chief of Police Department, Head Correction Officer, Chief Security Guard, Chief Deputy Sheriff, Armored Transport Service Manager and Identification and Communications Supervisor.

There are also career opportunities abroad for the passers of Criminologists Board Examination, however, those are only limited. That’s why most of criminologists preferred to stay in the Philippines rather than to venture outside of the country.

Salary and Benefits

Compensation for Criminologists is satisfactory, though it varies depending on one’s experience and length of service. They can start earning ₱14,000.00 if hired as Police Officer 1 (PO1) or as Jail Officer 1 (JO1) in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. Aside from that, they are also entitled for bonuses and allowances from the Philippine Government like other government employees.

Tips on How to Pass the Exam

There is no easy way of passing any examination. It cannot be taken for granted. If an applicant wants to pass he must do a lot of preparation. Not to the point though that he should stress himself out. He should take it easy but surely as the old saying says.
The following are the 12 tips that Gener Germiniano gave in his hubpages post entitled “How to Pass the Board Licensure Examination”.

+ Choose the Right Review Center – Aside from the fact that you will be in a company of fellow takers, being in a review center will help you learn to cope with the common problems of taking examinations. You will also learn survival tips and information about the current trend as well as gain confidence from your colleagues in the review center.

+ Gather a lot of review materials and books by borrowing from your classmates and friends.
Make yourself armed with any information you can take. Ask your friends and colleagues about the problems that appeared in the examination recently or anything under the sun as long as it is still inclined in the coverage of the examination.

+ Pile up Stock Knowledge –It has been proven that this preparation is very effective. It is highly recommended that applicants should review everyday for 4 to 10 hours and try to learn the elements of examination as well as to focus on problem solving.

+ Do not rely on luck – Do not risk on chances. If there will be times that you need to make a guess, make an intelligent guess and do not take it for granted.

+ Know the Trend– Do a research about problems and questions previously asked in the examination. Study the way how the problems are formulated and how you can come up with the correct answers.

+ Unwind Once in a While– Take some time to rest. Do not stress yourself. Do activities that you like doing in order to relax your mind and your spirit.

+ Don't Rely on Prayers – It’s good that you will pray for your success. However, do not just rely on prayers. Remember, God helps those who helped themselves. Do your job and the rest will be taken care of.

+ Motivate Yourself– Always remember that you have to believe in yourself because nobody else will. Believe that you will pass the examination and your efforts will be paid off.

+ Do Not Pressure Yourself With the Expectations of Other People– Do not get stressed. It is natural for other people to expect something from you. However, do not let those expectations crippled you. Just think about yourself and not the possibilities of not meeting their expectations.

+ Rest, Eat Well and Exercise – Take care of yourself. This will sharpen your mind and make you more attentive.

+ Before the Examination– Calm yourself and prepare the materials you might need in the examination to avoid cramming.

+ During the Examination– Take a deep breath and answer the easy ones first. Make sure also that you will go back to the questions that you skipped. Do not cram. Make sure that you will not have something to regret in the future.

The board exam will cover Criminal Jurisprudence, Procedure and Evidence, Law Enforcement Administration, Criminalistics, Crime Detection and Investigation, Sociology of Crimes and Ethics, and Correctional Administration.


The Criminologists Board Examination for this year is scheduled on the 17th, 18th and 19th of October. The deadline of filing for the repeaters is on September 18th and the 25th of the same month for the first takers. The testing sites are located in Manila, all Regional Offices, Zamboanga and Rosales, Pangasinan.

Written by : R.K Amaga