Wednesday, October 7, 2015

7 Helpful Tips on How to Pass Licensure Exam for Teachers as First Taker

After finishing your degree in education, or after successfully earning units in education, the next big thing is passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET). As per statistics, about 70% of LET takers fail. Thus, this number affects a number of first time LET takers. They become hesitant and sometimes they feel afraid and less confident. So if you are one of these individuals, you should take a moment to read this article, and get a few tips on how to pass the dreaded LET exam.

1. Choose your review center wisely

There are a number of review centers established all over the Philippines. Be wise in choosing one. You should be at your most comfortable state during your review period. You may need to consider a few things such as distance from where you live. The amount you need to pay, who will be conducting the review and of course the percentage of passers from that center.

2. Purchase / gather good review materials

You may need to invest in the materials that you will be using. Some of the review materials can be costly, but they can be bought from any of your favorite bookstores. If you are one of the many who are having financial constraint, you may also opt to borrow review materials from friends, if you opt to do this, you may need to check how old or new the version of the review material is. You can also check on the internet if there are kind individuals who share their review materials for free.

3. Review online

If you are one of the many takers who are too busy to go to a review centre, you can opt to have your review online. There are sites that offer online LET review. This is good for those busy individuals because they can choose what time they would take their review.

4. Allot enough time in reading lecture notes and review materials

Most of the first time takers do not allot enough time for in reviewing. Which mostly causes them to fail. Allotting enough time to read your materials will help you familiarize with the data and information you will be needing during the examination. According to researches, reading stimulates the brain cells which can actually enhance retention.

5. Conduct group review

Reviewing can be boring, when you get bored you may lose your momentum in reviewing. So it is best if you find friends who can help you or can review with you at least once or twice a week. Being with friends will somehow lessen the boredom and will stimulate your drive to review.

6. Always stay motivated and inspired

Boost your self-confidence and remind yourself that you need to pass the exam. Think of what is at stake.Have a positive outlook.  Never think about failing. Think of the people who will be most happy when you pass the licensure exam. But do not pressure yourself too much. Being motivated and being pressured are two different things, while the latter might cause you to fail, the former will help you achieve your goal.

7. Self-review

According to individuals who have successfully passed the LET, you should not rely on review centers alone. You should also allot time to review on your own. There may be inputs which your review centers may have missed, which might be able to acquire through self-review. At least 4-6 hours a day will be enough until your examination schedule. Pile up those stock knowledge, because it will surely help you in your examination.

This tips is provided by : Raine Corpuz