Sunday, March 6, 2016

CS Exam Reviewer | Math Problems & Numerical Reasoning - Part I


DIRECTIONS: For each item in this section, determine the relationship between the first and the second numbers or the first and third number. From among the suggested answer, choose the number that will complete the analogy.

1. 32 is to 9 as 92 is to________

2. 30% is to 3/5 as 60% is to ______

3. 0.25 is to 0.125 as 1.25 is to ______

4. 12.5 is to 1/8 as 20 is to _______

5. 6 is to 15 as 36 is to ___________

DIRECTIONS: Each item section contains a series of numbers arranged according to a certain rule or order. Study the series and determine which number is next. You may use the margin of the page for your computations.

6. 9.12 18.13 16.15 13.18 9.22_________

7. 1 4 13 40 121 364 __________

8. 5 17 19 6 14 16 7 10 12 8 _________

9. 795 2611 684 2722 573 2833 __________

10. -6 30 -150 750 __________

11. 1/3 3/9 5/15 7/21 9/27 __________

12. 4 16 8 40 20 120 60 420 __________

13. 2 5 8 10 4 17 5 26 6 __________

14. .02 .06 .12 .20 .30 __________

15. 2 5 12.5 31.25 __________

DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions by observation or computation. You may use the margins of the page for your computations.

16. If the following quantities were arrange from the least to the greatest, which one would have the second greatest value?

17. The ratio of males to females in an organization is M is to F. How many males are there if there are T females?

18. Suppose that the time now is 9:30 a.m. What will be the time 16 hours from now?

19. What number when increased by 90% of itself equals 133?

20. If y- -3. Which of the following has the greatest value?

21. A trader bought a watch and sold it at 30% more than its original cost. How much did the trader earn if the original cost of the watch was P?

22. What is the standard numerical value for 3.54 x 105 ?

23. Of set S – 4/5, 41/50, 17/20, 75% the element with the largest value is __________?

24. What is the smallest positive number that will give a remainder of 3 when it is divided by 4, 5, or 10 ?

DIRECTIONS: Problem Solving. For each of the problems below, choose the correct answer from the choices given. You may use the space at the right portion of the page for your computations.

25. There are 36 reams of bond paper in a drawer. If 1 ¼ dozens of reams of paper were to be used in printing, how many reams should be left in the drawer?

26. If a poster, which is 3 inches wide and 5 inches long, is enlarged such that the ratio of the width to the length is maintained, how many inches long will it be if the new width is 9 inches?

27. .If a worker can wash all the glass windows of a building in 9 days, what part of the job can said workers finish in 6 days?

28. Ms. Cortez bought 20 blouses for P2, 400 and marked them to sell at P145 each. After selling 16 pieces at this rate, She decided to sell the remaining blouses at a lower price. At what price may she sell each remaining blouse and still realize a profit of P480 on the 20 blouses?

29. In a room of ten people, how many handshakes will there be if every person shakes hands with everyone else exactly once?

30. The numerator of a fraction is 4 less than its denominator. If 3 added to both the numerator and the denominator the resulting number is ¾. What is the original fraction?

31. Mang Gustin can climb a coconut tree at the rate of 10 ft. per minute and return at 20 ft. per minute. If it took him 3 minutes to climb and return, what is the height of the coconut tree?

32. A fence is to be on posts 8 meters apart around a rectangular lot that measures 40 meters long and 16 meters wide. How many posts are needed, including the ones placed at each corner, to fence the entire lot?

33. How many degrees are there in the angle made by the hands of a clock at 4 o’clock?

34. The co-operative trust fund is P500,000. Part of the fund is invested at an annual interest rate of 6% and the rest is invested at an annual interest rate of 8%. If the income from both investments is P39,000, how much is invested at each rate?

35. The entrance fee in a carnival is P50 for an adult and P25 for a child. Ferdie pays P225 for the entrance fee of his family. If his family has equal number of adults and children, how many are they in the family?

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