Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Free Philnits / ITPEC Reviewer Download - Past Exam Questions and Answers

Planning to take the upcoming PhilNits / ITPEC exam?  Here's the good news! PhilNits offers latest exam reviewer for one thousand pesos or less which you can avail online or from the local exam and centers however, if you're currently tight in budget we recommend that you grab a copy of ITPEC review materials online.

We compiled all the previous exam questions and answer sheets dated back from 2014 to last year (2016) and its now available for downloads (w/o charge).

For you to get the review materials IT Passport Exam (PA) and IT Engineers Exam (FE) click the download links at the bottom part of this post then, extra the file to view the test questions with PDF.

Download the reviewers now and start your own self-review lesson!

This material is also applicable for examiners from Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Bangladesh.


Information Technology Professionals Examination Council (hereinafter called "ITPEC") is the organization for a common IT examination in Asian countries, ITPEC Examination.

It was formed on November 2005 to co-ordinate all efforts of the member countries for ITPEC Examination in cooperation with IPA, Japan.

ITPEC includes members from 7 countries (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Bangladesh).


Past Examination Questions and Answers

Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination (FE)
Fundamental Information Technology Passport Examination (PA)

Sources : Philnits / ITPEC