Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What to Bring, Wear, and Prepare on Napolcom Exam Day

The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) will conduct a nationwide PNP Entrance Examination and Promotional Examination as to the pursuant to its constitutional mandate to administer and control the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Aside from securing your applications and reviewing for the upcoming examinations, it also important to know the prescribed dress attire to wear and the important things an examinee must need to bring. This is also an essential aspect of preparations before the upcoming examination day that need to be considered. Not bringing those things could delay you and have the tendency for you to stay out of focus might as well failed the examination. Also, not following the prescribed attire could hinder you to not entering the testing center.

So, this page will be beneficial for you to be informed of the recommended things that strictly need to follow for all the examinees taking this examination.


Examinees should be aware and prepare the things to bring during the examination day to avoid delay. The following things must be ready the day or night before the examination for you not to punctuate and stay on focus.

PNP Entrance Examination
1. Notice of Admission
2. Pencil No. 2
3. Any valid identification card with picture and signature

PNP Promotional Examination
1. Notice of Admission
2. Pencil No. 2 and black ballpen (for Essay Test)
3. Any valid identification card with picture and signature


PNP Entrance Examination is not just your typical examination. Compared to the other licensure examinations that has a minimal prescribed attire during the examination, these kind of examination requires a strict requirements for it. Separate prescribed attire for PNP Entrance Examination and PNP Promotional Examination. During the examination day examinees must wear the following:

PNP Entrance Examination
-Plain White T-Shirt or White Polo Shirt
-Dark Pants and Shoes

PNP Promotional Examination
-GOA Type B (in field cap, no awards/medals, only accoutrements) Or Patrol Shirt

Please be reminded to those examinees that are not in the prescribed attire during the examination day will not be allowed to enter the examination center.

WARNING: Aside from these, examinees must be aware about the “NOT TO BRING” inside the testing centers. Bringing any of the following inside the testing centers is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
     -Explosive or any deadly weapon
     -Cellular Phone, Pager, any two-way radio or any electronic gadget
     -Review Material

Any violation of this rule shall automatically disqualify an examinee from taking and shall result in the nullification of his/her examination.


Before every examination, if it’s a licensure examination or a school examination or even a job examination there is always a preparation for it. It is always the preparedness that might give us the “Big Shot” and can put us to the success we always wanted to have.

The following are only some of the many things to prepare for the examination day.

1. Know the location of your testing center. If possible pay a visit at least 2 days before the exam dates.

2. Be Punctual.
Don’t be just on time, maybe you could go earlier or one hour before the time of the examination.

3. Don’t skip your meal.
Every examination has its own time table and surely it is time consuming. Have yourself satisfied tummy that will help you to stay on focus and have an effective brain to work at best of its ability. It is best for you to bring some snacks for back up.

4. Prepare Yourself.
Know your needs, especially the things you need to do before the examination day. Best to bring extra pencils that are already sharpened to avoid sharpening. Always keep in mind, “Time is Gold.”

5. Be attentive to the test instructor.
Always pay attention to what he/she will going to say. Listen very carefully, for they will always instruct you the proper way to fill out and what to fill out. They will also tell you what subject you will take and what time you need to finish on that subject. Don’t open the Test Booklet unless the instructor will told you so.

6. Don’ Forget to Pray.
Aside from yourself, God up above is always by your side. Just seek him the guidance and enlightenment. So don’t forget to pray before and after the examination.

Contributor : Rhea E.